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BD Chargers is a battery charging informational website. This site is dedicated to helping you understand how your battery really works under a charge. BD Chargers is a informational website dedicated to the understanding of battery chargers, charging batteries, and related battery information. Below you will find a complete list of all pages on this site published for public consumption. Should these pages fail to answer your questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Battery Charging Safety
Different Battery Types
Battery Charging 101
Charging Cycle Definitions
Battery Sulfation
2 Stage vs 3 Stage Chargers
Charge an Isolated Battery
Charging a Parked Car's Battery
Charging a Battery Under Load
Trickle Chargers and Self Discharge
Battery Charger FAQ
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Battery Charger Warnings:
Always read and follow the manufacturer's battery charging instructions prior to connecting your battery, or trying to charge a battery bank. Do not attempt to charge batteries in a confined environment. Explosive and hazardous gases are an inherent byproduct of battery charging, do think ahead. Batteries contain sulphuric acid, and lead, both of which are hazardous material if removed from the battery, or disposed of improperly, do take care to be environmentally responsible. Batteries are useful, just be safe.

Electrical How To Guides:
Electrical Breakers
DC Fuses and AC Fuses
Wire Sizes & AWG
Solar Charge Controller Guide
Battery Charger Information

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