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BD Chargers is an informative site for the safe and correct methods to charge AGM, Gel and Flooded Lead Acid batteries BD Chargers is your site for everything involving battery charging. Batteries are found everywhere, from in your car to your cell phone. We live in a world that demands power and batteries are a great and convenient way to satisfy this electrical thirst. But all batteries do require some maintenance and we as power consumers take this a bit for granted. When the batteries in our cell phones begin to get low we just plug in our charger and after a while the battery life is restored but what do you do if your car battery dies? In larger scale applications, battery charging is a much more delicate process (depending on the type and chemistry of your battery) involving chargers with intricate circuitry. This website's intention is to familiarize you with both the basic and more complex topics when charging batteries.

There are many different types of batteries available to power a nearly endless amount of electronics. This site will focus primarily on lead acid batteries (Flooded, Gel and AGM). These particular batteries are typically found in applications that require a large amount of electrical power (cars, boats, RVs, solar installations to name the most common). We will address this further in other sections of this site but it is important for you as the consumer to understand that each of these types of batteries have different internal compositions and require different voltage ranges and can also be sensitive to high amperage charging. We implore you to use caution when charging your batteries and please educate yourself as to properly charge your specific battery as you can harm your batteries and even worse, harm yourself. Take a few moments to read more info here to insure you are in compliance with the recommended charging procedures associated with your type of battery.

BD Chargers is operated by BD Batteries. Please Click for BD Batteries - Battery Home Page or Click here for BD Batteries available chargers for sale. If you wish, you are welcome to call our phone number (303.800.4725) during business hours with any questions or to order any products we offer! Thanks for taking the time to visit BD Chargers and we look forward to serving you in your charging and electrical needs.

Battery Charger Warnings:
Always read and follow the manufacturer's battery charging instructions prior to connecting your battery, or trying to charge a battery bank. Do not attempt to charge batteries in a confined environment. Explosive and hazardous gases are an inherent byproduct of battery charging, do think ahead. Batteries contain sulphuric acid, and lead, both of which are hazardous material if removed from the battery, or disposed of improperly, do take care to be environmentally responsible. Batteries are useful, just be safe.

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